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Black Friday Special! Packages
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Black Friday Special!
Zara Special (Traveling for 8-days) 30’s Day cam..
Kilimanjaro Luxury Trek/ Premium Service
The Premium Services on Mt Kilimanjaro (VIP) with Zara ..
Honeymoon In Paradise
Enjoy our African Safari and Beach Honeymoon Package **..
Ikoma Wildcamp Special Packages
Ikoma Safari Camp Serengeti Tanzania Package WALKING SA..
Lion King Africa Safari
The Lion King feature Exceptional Africa Safari, This S..
Cycling Safari Around the base of Mount Kilimanjaro
  Package 1: DAY TRIPS ROUTES (pick 1 route for a ..
Climb with Macon Dunnagan
Zara Tours have a friendly partnership with Macon Dunna..
Kili Cleaning Package
Twice a year we arrange a very special trip to Kilimanj..
Volunteer package with Zara Tours
Zara Charity has a wide range of projects and activitie..
A Safari to Support the fight against poaching in Africa
We all strongly agree that well-planned tourism can be ..
Tanzania Family Safari
Day 1: Arrive at the Kilimanjaro International Airport ..
The Authentic Maasai experience
The Beauty of Africa Safari with Maasai. You will ex..
A Safari to Support Ngorongoro Pre-school
We all strongly agree that tourism can be used as a veh..
East-African Migration Safari Tanzania – Kenya
The Great Wildebeest Migration Tracking-Calendar, The a..
Wildebeest Calving Ndutu
Take this opportunity to witness the amazing event that..
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