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We have just completed a charity climb for our organisation Orphans Aid International celebrating our 15 years. We were a team of 16 climbers doing the Lemosho 8 day route. We are thankful we chose Zara tours and thankful to Silvano and his excellent team. They all did a wonderful job and helped us in numerous ways. I would not have made it to the top if it wasn’t for their encouragement and support. They went out of their way to serve and pass on their knowledge and experience, their songs and enthusiasm were highlights for us all. Thank you Silvano and all your team and Zara tours. Highly recommend.

Sue Van Schreven





Dear Zara Tours,

I had an amazing experience I will never forget in my life. Thank you so much.

Thanks a lot!

All the best to you!







I just wanted to write to you to say thanks to Zara for such an amazing trip to Kilimanjaro recently.

I really was taken back at how great the experience was with Zara – how friendly and efficient it all was.

In particular, I was really happy with our guides Mo and Ahmed (as well as the waiter and porters)  who were super professional, friendly and we had a wonderful time with them.

I would recommend Zara to anyone looking to visit Tanzania and would strongly recommend Mo and Ahmed’s team!

Thanks again,





Hi Kadra,

Thank you for contacting me about my recent trip…it was INCREDIBLE!! I don’t know where to begin, everything exceeded my expectations. My hike up Kilimanjaro was so well organized. Our guide, Photo, our assistant guide, Steven, all of our porters, our cook, everyone was professional, kind, encouraging, attentive…we felt very taken care of. And we had a successful summit! I will be forever grateful for our whole team.

Our 4-day safari was unforgettable! Our driver, Jerry, was awesome…he helped us see so many animals and he told us lots of fun animal facts. Every location we stayed overnight at was unique and wonderful. All of the different hotel employees were so friendly and professional. We loved being a part of the wild and experiencing Tanzania so closely.

The food throughout the trip was delicious!! I felt well fed the entire time. This was the trip of a lifetime! I left a glowing recommendation on TripAdvisor. From the bottom of my heart, I thank Zara Tours for this amazing experience!!

Genevieve Lopez



Good evening,
We would like to thank you for this nice Safari in Tanzania from 22.07- 27.07.
The driver was very professional and friendly and all the lodges were very nice.
Nice greetings from Luxemburg,
Nathalie Demuth and Nadine Ries

Nathalie Demuth and Nadine Ries



I’ve taken eight different safaris with over one hundred visitors, I’ve summited Kilimanjaro with many different visitors – and I’ve always gone with ZARA! And always will! Zainab has put together an incredible organization that always provides safe, secure, extremely professional, and rewarding experiences for my travelers. Every single member of her team are friendly, courteous, and professional – always ensuring my visitors are their number one priority! A huge thank you to Zainab and ZARA! I’ll book my next visit soon!

Mike Davies



Dear Kadra!

Thank you for your feedback interest I can confirm and express the most satisfied feeling about the completed tour organized by Zara. The organized attitude and commitment of personal was remarkable every camp or hotel was suitable for a highest standard in regard. It is the second time been at Zara and I can freely recommend anyone who seeking adventure or leisure. I had an unforgettable time spent there and learned a lot about people cultural habit and adaptation to living possibilities, a country geological basic establishment, plants and animals environmental adaptation in different areas.

Thank you!


safari 5



The hospitality began the first second I exited the airport. I met a lady who directed me to a van who drove me to Springlands. When I got to the hotel, everyone was so friendly and Zubaydah was hilarious and immediately answered all my questions. I had a tasty dinner a little later and met most of the staff (all of which we would become fast friends with throughout our trip). The next morning I went with a guide Julian into Mosh town and he showed us some of the sights. Afterwards my two friends came from Nairobi and we all caught up over drinks and food at the dinner table. We met Mndeme and Ayubu and were really excited for our climb for the next 7 days. That night we met Zainab and her husband and they were so nice to us, we talked for a long time.

My two friends and I had THE BEST experience on our journey up Mount Kilimanjaro. Mndeme, Ayubu, Felix, and the entire team were incredible and are the sole reason we had such an amazing experience. We would not have made it to the top safely and successfully without each and every one of them. Many thanks to them.

When we returned from the climb, we saw Mama Zara and she immediately gave the 3 of us a huge hug and wanted to know how our climb was. We told her everything and she made sure we had no issues. Later that day my girlfriend joined and we said goodbye to one of my friends. The next day we were leaving for a safari. That night in the TV room we met Kasim and he was awesome. He is around our age so we all connected and talked for a long time.

The next morning after breakfast, we met our guide Jimmy for the safari. How can I describe such a beautiful experience in an email. Jimmy took care of us on the trip, asking us often if we wanted to see anything specific, staying at spots as long as we wanted and very accommodating. During the safari we saw everything we wanted to see times ten. The first day we went to Manyara and saw so many animals. Jimmy let us know that we “hope we get lucky” and we did. Several elephant families walked feet away from the car, zebras, giraffes, and water buffalo as well. We were amazed and didn’t think it could get better. We were wrong. At night we went to the Highlands Hotel. We had a great dinner and played cards in the lobby till night time. The room was great and we were excited to see more. Day 2 and 3 were the Serengeti and everything from the cheetah and her baby cub feet away from our jeep, the immaculate private lodges we stayed in, to the giant elephant that walked up to our car in the middle of an infinite plain. Incredible. Day 4 was the Ngorogoro Crater and after an hour we saw the rhinos! Amazing. We stayed at the Ngorogoro Crater Lodge and the staff was awesome. We played a game of Jenga with the entire staff and it was so much fun. Day 5 was the Home of the Elephant, Tarangire National Park. So incredible, we saw over 80-100 elephant all together.

When we returned we had another day where we just relaxed by the pool and enjoyed the sun before heading back home. The entire time we felt like home. The staff at every location, especially Springlands were so friendly and inviting. The hike, the safari, all of it was well done. Please tell Mama Zara and everyone from Zara, ASANTESANA!



Feb 27/2019

Nassim Talbi




We had an amazing time and Zara was the reason. The trip was perfect and we have only the best things to say about the way were treated. Starting with Jane in the front office, she was so helpful and followed up with us at the Springlands. She also helped us get pictures from our guides phone from Kilimanjaro!  Really a great problem solver.

Juma was our guide on Kilimanjaro and he was so professional and helpful.  He saw to our every need, making sure we were healthy and safe.  He even held my girlfriend’s hand on the way up to the summit as she was very nervous.  Further he helped my daughter down from the summit when she felt sick, making her feel so much better.  He also cares about the porters.  It was very heartwarming to see him check on all of the porters, cook and waiter to make sure they were doing well.  He also greeted everyone on the trail by name and handed out candy to them to keep their spirits up.  His representation of Zara was a reflection of the highest level of professionalism and caring. I highly recommend him.

Qweka was our guide for the safari.  He was so knowledgeable and educated in everything about the land and animals.  He also was amazing at finding the animals.  We saw everything while we were on safari including the Black Rhino which I realize now was a very rare sighting. The camps at the Ngorongoro and Serengeti were so beautiful and luxurious, it was hard to believe we were in tents!  I highly recommend Qweka and felt that anyone would be lucky to have him as a guide.

Thank you again for such a great experience,


Austin, TX USA Jan 10/2019





The Springlands Hotel was our starting point for Meru, Kili and Safari. We felt very comfortable there. The staff were always very friendly, polite and eager to please us. The rooms were fine (it’s just Africa, usually there is only 1-2 nights between tours). All beds are provided with mosquito nets. The food was good and varied. You can safely eat salad. This is washed according to staff with boiled water. The restaurant manager Jacob is always very attentive, always has a good spell in stock. There are a lot of trainees busy, who are well looked after by Jacob and his team. There is a car service if you want to go to the city. The hotel is part of ZARA Tours, which also organized trips to Mount Meru, Kili and Safari. We had a great trip! Thanks again to Zainab Ansell and her team. Specially to our mointain guides Mdeme and Salimu, Mustafa (cook), Rabin (waiter), our Safari guide Gilli, Jacob with his restaurant and bar team (Amina, Benson and all the others) and the reception team (Hans and the others)!!!

Timo and Katrin, Jan 8, 2019

Timo and Katrin





Thank you for reaching out for feedback. Our tour with Zara tour was excellent! Our team led by Felix was phenomenal which resulted in our memorable time in Tanzania. Felix was very professional and took in our feedback to customize our time on the mountain from small details like when to start/stop each day. He was able to set a good pace to ensure a successful climb that met our goals. Part of our group did not wish to summit for personal reasons, Felix was very respectful of this request but assisted the other up to the top of Kilimanjaro. Both Felix and our Assistant Guide were knowledgeable of the mountain which helped us see some wildlife and learn about the plants during the climb.

The entire team was excellent during our time. The Porters were very attentive and helpful, the cook made wonderful food each day for us, the waiter (Simon) was a friendly face each day to ensure all our needs were met, and the guide/assistant guides did an excellent job ensuring that we had detailed information on surroundings. Each stop was well organized, our tent was promptly set up and all our questions and concerns addressed quickly.

Excellent service overall and I will be sure to recommend Zara Tours to future guests looking for Kilimanjaro or Safari tours. The team did a phenominal job at ensuring our safety and concerns were heard while ensuring we had a great adventure.

Thank you also to Jane for being so attentive to organizing our itinerary so carefully and answering all the questions prior to booking! It was very helpful and always prompt!

Thank you,

Kevin  Sept 2018


Our honeymoon trip to Tanzania to safari was simply amazing. Our heart felt thanks to our guide Peter who was amazing, nothing was too much trouble, his knowledge and clear love of the places we visited made our experience unique. It was a trip I had only dreamed about, but exceeded all expectations. Thank you from us both, Peter.
Sue & Andy Collinson – September 2018

Sue Ranger

My trip was fantastic thank you. I would and will recommend Zara tours to anyone I know wanting to go to Tanzania.


Sarah Aug 2018


We had a fabulous trip and were extremely pleased with Zara Tours!
Every aspect of our trip, the climb, the safari, and visit to Zanzibar went off without a glitch.
We will most definitely recommend Zara Tours to our friends and family.
Thanks you for such an awesome experience!

Vicki – July 2018


The trip was really great. That was my 5th time doing Kili and working with Zara and it just gets better each time. I work with a wonderful crew that feels like family to me.

Thank you for the follow up.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


ks min

I enjoyed both my Kilimanjaro climb and Safari tours.
Omari is a great guide and I do not think I could have reached the summit without his and the other guides’ help.

One of my colleagues is already doing the Kilimanjaro climb with you.

Kind Regards



My family and I just returned after 3 wonderful weeks in Tanzania. and we would like to send our warmest regards.

We climbed Kilimanjaro under the most excellent and professional guidance of chief-guide Winford Mtui. He and his co-guides Josef and Bryson were the best guides ever, and we really appreciated their good humor, their patience, and the way their “nursed” us at all time during the trekking – also when I had to climb down the mountain. The rest of the team – including our wonderful servant Davis – made this trip unforgettable for all four of us.

After Kilimanjaro guide Kesss picked us up in his jeep for a 5 day safari tour. He is a very skilled and excellent nature-guide, and we had a memorable trip observing the animals under Kesss’ guidance.

Thank you for great experiences – we will recommend Zara Tours at any time.

Best regards
Dorte-Lene Bacher (called Mama)

Dorte-Lene Bacher

Good afternoon,

Everything was great in Tanzania, a country of excellent people. Special thanks to Mr. Hamis, who helped me from the beginning of the contacts with Zara Tour and also during the stay, to the mountain guide Theophil (of extraordinary competence and wisdom) and his team, who gave us the reach to the summit accompanied by excellent food, the driver / safari guide Omary, attentive, communicative and knowledgeable about the wildlife and all the friendly staff at the Springland Hotel, who has an extremely polite maitre d.

I hope I have the opportunity to return.

Thank you and great 2018!​

Claudio Marcio Areco Junior
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Dear Mrs. Zainab Ansell !

We are back from our excellent journey an we will say thank you for this experience.

From the moment of our arrival to the time of our departure we were excellent attended.

Our guide Ally was allways in a cheerful mood and he presented us much information

about the land and its people, the animals and also the plants.

He spoke also a very good German.

Our driver Joel was not only a  excellent driver, he also was allways on the right place.

So the journey was a great enjoyment for us and we can recomand ZARA Tours all our friends.

Thank you again !

Anneliese and Anton

Anneliese and Anton 
10 1


Our trip with Zara Tour was excellent. Everything was perfect, our guide is very good, and we still keep in touch with them.
Thank you for the unforgettable lifetime experiences.
We will gladly recommend our friends to go to Tanzania with Zara tours.

Thank you,
Oct 2017

user testi

Dear Kadra,

I am very happy With everything.
We had a great time.
Places, staff, guide driver are very helpful, simpatic and really professional.
The food was wonderful everywhere.
Thanks for great time and enjoyable experience.
Best regards,

Antonio Mallet
Sept 2017

klimanjaro5 min


My experience was profound I loved every second of it and wouldn’t change a thing about Zara Tours.

Please send my regards to Mama Zara. I will come back soon with my friends.

July 2017
Saudi Arabia

safari 4

Dear Mrs. Zainab Ansell,

First, we would like to introduce ourselves. My name is Valeria  and my friend’s name is Dayana, both from Brazil.

We climbed Kilimanjaro on July 2017 with your company, Zara Tanzania Adventures and we are writing to speak about the team that was with us on the mountain.  We are very grateful to all of the group.

Climbing Kilimanjaro is an unforgettable and unique experience and we had a chance to do that with a very good and special team. They were eleven

men: 1- Yesse, the guide chief ; 2- Maisha, the guide assistant; 3- Juliasi, the cooker; 4- Leonard, the waiter; 5- Izidori, who took care of our private toilet; 6- Mgashimu, porter; 7- Hillary, porter; 8- Elimokozi, porter; 9- Alibert, porter; 10-Waleme, porter; 11- Masai, porter.

Everything was perfect because they did their hard work very well. Yesse knows the mountain very well and he is able to help people on their demands. Walking behind Maisha was perfect because he knows how to make our body supports the challenge.  Eating Juliasi’s meal was so good.

Leonard, our waiter, is also perfect and gentle. Our private toilette was very clean all the time and our baggage was carried with care along the trek. All of these men were so kind and respectful with us and we are very grateful to them.

For sure, we were able to climbing Kilimanjaro on the last day only because Yesse and Maisha were with us.

Because of that, we highly recommend them. In fact, we highly recommend all the team. Zara company can be proud of this team.

Warm regards,

Dayana and Valeria (also called, Mama Simba because I am 60 years old)

Dayana and Valeria

Dear Zainab and Kitondo

Thank you very much for a really god safari tour. We enjoyed it so much. We felt safe all the way from when we were picked up at Kilimanjaro airport and on the Safari and back to Springland Hotel again. We had big and exciting experiences. It was all well arranged.

Also thank you to all the staff at Springland Hotel. For the kindness and hospitality, they showed us. And to Daniel, Godlisten and Elias for giving us and unforgetable Safari.

We won`t hesitate to recommend you.

Kind regards




user testi

It was one of the best trip I ever had.
One week before arriving Yesse Lema made contact with me and wanted to get to know our group. After arriving three day before Yesse came to my room and introduced himself in person and advised us he would attend the hotel at 4:00 the day before and explain the trip and make sure we had the right equipment and what food we liked, On day one Yesse introduced assistant guide Hiliery Kombe and Maisha Francis and our adventure started, We could not have had better Guides, they worked very hard to meet our every need.
We would not have summit if it wasn’t for the superb effort by these three guides. I can not say enough about their effort to get us to the summit.
I will always remember their extraordinary effort to get all four of us to the summit.
Always will be in our hearts
The safari was a 5 day and was also very good Paul tried his best to get the best positions for picture taking and cleaned the vehicle every night .
Thanks to Zara tours It was and absolutely fabulous trip.
You exceeded our every expectation.
Thank you again

Pat, Ann, Janet & Nikki
user testi

The Management

Zara Tours, Moshi , Kallimanjaro
Dear Sir/Madame,
We took a trek up to Mt.Kilimanjaro in December 2011 through Gap Adventures but, stayed at your hotel. As we understand , the trip was organized by your company. I am writing this letter to express our gratitude. The service staff at Moshi, Springdale hotel was fabulous. They demonstrate care and professionalism. I avail this opportunity to express our personal gratitude to our guide Mr.Colman Temba and his team for incredible leadership and dedication to customer care. We would never make to the summit with their help. As head guide Mr.Temba exhibited many of the qualities that are essential to a successful climb. The team worked in such a harmony that our expedition turned into a dream of a life time. We like to thank you all for wonderful hospitality and professional service.

Dr.Naimul Brampton Ontario Canada
user testi

Dear Zara Tours,
Nick and I had fully intended to have a conversation with Zainab prior to our depature, but she was busy both times we went by her office. So hopefully this note will get to her some way. Just wanted to say that we had a fantastic experience with Zara, and Festo was a HUGE part of it. He is the reason why every single person in our group made it to the top, including me! His guidance helped us avoid altitude sickness and various other ailments climbers generally experience. His encouragement – “Have a strong mind, think positive, you are going to make it” quite literally pushed me to peak (I repeated the phrase to myself countless times on the ascent to Uhuru!). I always felt safe and taken care of during the 7 days we were on the Mountain; Festo and his team are simply exceptional! Thanks for your time. It would be greatly appreciated if this note gets passed on to Zainab.

user testi

Good afternoon,

My group recently climbed Kilimanjaro with your company (Mellups party) and first of all, I can not thank you and your guides enough for the experience of a lifetime. We were treated like family. Thank you,

IMG 0516

Hi, Zara.
I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful experience we had with you. My friends and I hiked the seven day Machame trail with our guide Innocent and assistant guide Mohammed. The staff at Springlands bent over backwards to make us comfortable, especially the owner, Zainab Ansell. Thank you, Mama! We had a great time!

user testi

Hi Joram and Zara, Further to my sisters email below, I also wanted to say a HUGE thank you for organising such a wonderful trek and accommodating me with our request for Bugga and Samwell as our guides. Our experience in Tanzania was unforgettable, and I will make sure we always recommended Zara tours to anyone wishing to travel to Tanzania. Our biggest thank you must go to our guides and porters. Without them we would NEVER have made it up that mountain, and in particular on summit night when Bugga, Samwell, Thomas and Daniel went out of their way to ensure we all pulled together as a group and encouraged each other to keep going.

The four of them together were the most inspiring men and never once let us give up, or think we were not capable of making it to the summit. Bugga went as far as to continually warm my hands which were frozen and felt like they were going to fall off! I have written a testimonial below which you can use on your website if you wish:
“Thank you Zara Tours for organising the most incredible experience of our lives whilst trekking Mt Kilimanjaro to raise money for cancer in memory of our wonderful mother.
The highlight of the trip, including the summit, was enjoying the company of our incredible guides Bugga, Samwell, Daniel and Thomas (now friends for life) who made the journey so rewarding. They never once let us believe you would not make it to the summit, and continually motivated us to keep going, and sung and danced to entertain us when we most needed it. Their support and guidance was invaluable. So thank you to Zara and your team for such a rewarding journey.”

Thanks again.

Mel Norton
user testi

“To the Zara Team,

We would just like to thank you all for making our Kilimanjaro Adventure so memorable. We did the 6-day Marangu route in aid of the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation in Australia and to celebrate the life of our beloved mother who passed away. We managed to raise over $17,000 between 4 of us.
Thanks to your team of amazing and experienced guides and porters, each member of our team successfully summited. We would like to thank them personally – Bouga, Samwell, Daniel and Thomas!! Thank you all so much, you’re stars!! We miss you already! We also encourage anyone looking for a lifetime adventure, to contact Zara Tours, and get involved! You will be amazed!
Jem, Melo, Papa Simba, Liza, Mick, Julie”
All my best Zara and thanks again Kind regards,

Jemma norton
user testi

Dear Zara tours,

I Just returned from a great trip to Kilimanjaro and two days safari. I just want to let you know that I am very happy about the way things went. I found that everything was very well organized. The guides were great. On kilimanjaro I went with Isack Samson who did a great job and made the trip a great succes. On the safari I went with Peter Minja who had great knowledge about all that we saw. He was very nice and polite and willing to make an ekstra effort to ensure a trip of of the ordinary. I will definitely recommend zara tours and the two guides, that I went with.

All my best Zara and thanks again Thanks for an outstanding trip.

Best Regards

Lasse Frederiksen
user testi


I’m just back from a wonderful trip up Kilimanjaro, and would like to tell you what a wonderful job Gilbert and Jimmy did. Gilbert was my guide, and Jimmy was my assistant guide, as well as pitching my tent and serving me my food every night.

I believe there were originally going to be two people in my group, but the other person must have canceled, so that meant that I had an incredible amount of one-on-one attention lavished on me. Gilbert was a very enjoyable hiking partner, and he did many extra things for me that he didn’t have to do, such as taking me on a side trip one evening when I expressed an interest in exploring. His English is excellent, and he is a fountain of information, not just about the natural history of the mountain but also about politics, history, and culture. He was conservative at first about keeping me safe, but once he got to know me and was able to appraise my physical abilities and level of experience, he allowed me more latitude, which made the trip a lot more fun.
Jimmy, however, was the one who really rose to the occasion on this trip. On summit day, Gilbert asked him to accompany us for safety, so that we would be a group of three rather than just two. Jimmy went in front and I went in the middle. We passed the other groups, and by the time we were nearing Stella Point we were about an hour and a half ahead of the next group back. At this point it was becoming more and more clear that Gilbert was seriously sick. He hadn’t been on the mountain since before the rainy season, so he probably wasn’t quite as acclimatized as he could have been — and of course altitude sickness is notoriously fickle. Although I kept trying to convince him to head back down, he insisted on coming up as far as Stella Point, where he waited in the wind while Jimmy guided me to Uhuru. Jimmy was very confident, and obviously knew the mountain extremely well. In my opinion, Jimmy’s performance in this difficult situation is the best possible indicator of his readiness to step up to being a guide.
I was a little hesitant about whether to tell you the details of this summit day, since I didn’t want to create any negative impression about Gilbert. But after all, we’re all only human beings, and we work within our physical limitations. I think the way Gilbert persevered up to Stella Point showed an iron will. Furthermore, his decision to have Jimmy come up with us turned out to have been exactly the right decision for both everyone’s safety and my own success in reaching the summit. His level of experience, maturity, and good judgment set up the situation so that everything turned out OK, even when something went wrong.


user testi

Dear Zara Tours,
I just wanted to compliment you on the outstanding service we had on our recent Kili climb on the Lemosho route (June 4th-10th). Our guides were outstanding. Yahoo! was an incredible leader who managed the day to day operation of the camp and climbing in a calm and thoughtful manner. I also want to compliment Jacob, Hamesi, and Soloman as well as all the others for their thoughtful and patient assistance on the climb. I couldn’t have done it without their help and expert guidance. Thanks for making the TDS climb such a successful experience.

Pamela Brouillard
user testi

HI there,
I recently booked a tour through your company (sustainable package 2) and just wanted to write and let you know how pleased I was with the entire experience. Everything exceeded my expectations and I am so grateful for the experience I had with your organization. Your hotels are beyond amazing. Your staff (at the hotel, the guides, safari drivers, etc) are all so friendly and helpful. I was especially pleased with the Highview hotel. The hotel’s walking guide took us on a tour of the hotel grounds and the coffee farm and was extremely knowledgeable about everything, including plants, animals and history of the area. I enjoyed this experience very much. When I return to Tanzania I will definitely be booking with Zara Tours again. Thank you so much, it truly was the trip of a lifetime!

Lacey Guest
user testi

The journey to the summit of Uhuru Peak was undoubtedly an once in a life time experience for us. Our gratitude to all the kindness and care we received from our guide Nechi, his guide assistant Shaio and their team of porters in each and every step of the way cannot be expressed in words.

We will never forget our 7-day climb up Kilimanjaro and the incredible group of dedicated young men that made possible for us to accomplish it.

Through all our stay in Tanzania we felt blessed to count with the first class service offered by all Zara’s staff members, including hotel receptionists’, waiters, cookers, drivers, gardeners …

We’ll highly recommend Zara Tours and Nechi’s team to anyone interested in reaching the roof of Africa.

Thank you Zara Tours, Nechi and team! We wish you well.


Daniel & Claudia MartinelliBrazil
user testi

I recently went to Tanzania and did both Kilimanjaro (Lemosho route) and a 5 day safari with Zara.The trip was excellent, and was more than I could ever have imagined.
What made it amazing was my trek guide Charles Thadey Shayo. He was so incredible, I would and will recommend him to anyone. It is rare to find someone that looks at the big picture, who understands hospitality and is so genuine – in two languages!
He and our waiter Dilunga, were teaching me Swahili, were friendly, interactive and a pleasure to be around.
I have kept in contact with Charles, and I am actually now planning to return to Tanzania, and have encouraged my friends to do the Zara safari (our guide Emmanuel was really great as well).
I just wanted you to know how incredible these workers are, they are so valuable and promote Zara in such a positive light. It really made the difference for me. I work in non-profit and hospitality so these qualities are really important for me.
Thank you again – it was a life changing trip and I cannot wait to get back to Moshi.

user testi

We had in September 2012 unforgetable holidays in Tanzanias national parks. Your guide nicknamed Josh and driver Mohamad showed us country, people and best of all the wildness of animals. It was fantastic!

Please forward them our special greetings.

user testi

We got home yesterday.

Thanks so much for leading an unforgettable trip to Uhuru! Your and your team’s great service, continuous upbeat attitude and good humor made the trip a winner, despite the rain and snow every day. I will never forget the way you and Victor helped Stephan down the mountain when he got the altitude sickness – he is now completely recovered, and the way you, Husseini and Ashmani kept us going to the top. It is this dedication that will make us recommend you and Zara Tours.

Thanks again,

user testi

Dear Sir or Madam,

We are writing this email to commend Hamsa for the fantastic wildlife safari tour he guided us on from Dec. 31, 2012, through Jan. 6, 2013. Hamsa was extremely knowledgeable about the different parks & conservation areas we visited and the wildlife living there. He had an incredible talent for finding rare animals such as lions, cheetahs, leopards, rhinos, and many others! Hamsa was an excellent driver and got us safely to all of our destinations. Hamsa is very personable, answered all of our many questions and was very patient while we took photographs. We had a great time traveling with Hamsa! If we came back for another safari, we definitely would want him to be our guide. Please convey our sincere thanks to Hamsa for his efforts to give us a terrific experience on our wildlife safari.

Very truly yours,

Charles Janet

Hello and Gruess from Salzburg,Austria,

We want to thank Zara Tours and specially Faustino and his Co-Guide Justin and all of his fantastic hard working team. (Very good food !!! thank you to the cook)

They made us an unforgetable and incredible time in November 2012. 7 days Machame Route – in the snowstorm Fasutino and Justin made us going up so easily we could not believe being up and watching the sun rise after the snowstorm

We highly recommend Faustino and his team to anyone who is interested in reaching the Uhuru Peak.

Carolin and Karl Schnoell
user testi


I can’t say enough wonderful things about Zara and am so glad we chose them! All the staff we encountered, everyone from the desk and wait staff at the Springlands Hotel to our guides and porters on the mountain, were amazing. Everyone we encountered seemed to have a good and always willing to help attitude. My husband and I must give the most thanks to our lead guide, Winford Mtui. He and David literally pushed and pulled me the last couple hours up the mountain, and provided so much support and encouragement on summit night. I was about to quit about four hours into the summit attempt, and Winford assured me I could make it to the top and we did make it to Stella Point. I think I would have so many regrets if I had actually quit so I have Winford to thank for this. Remmy has been very helpful also. I left a jacket at the hotel, and she actually found it and made sure it was mailed back to me. I received it in the mail today. We only had time for a 2 day safari at Manyara and Ngorongoro. I think our favorite night was at the Ngorongoro Wild Camp. What a beautiful property! We also had a lot of fun on the free city tour of Moshi. Rashid led us on the tour walking up and down main and side streets, and I am so thankful for this because I know we got to see parts of town that we may not have seen without a guide.
Thanks again to all the staff at Zara for making this a trip of a lifetime for my husband and me. This is definitely the best trip we have ever taken!


Sarah and Kevin
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Dear staff at Springlands Hotel

Ashleigh and myself want to thank you for our time we had staying with you, before and after the climb.

All the staff were wonderful, helpful, caring, and happy. We arrived at Moshi on the 13th of January then we climbed

Kilimanjaro on the 15th of Jan , I found Spring lands to be like a hidden treasure and a safe place to rest.

We met a young man called Nur who did so much for us, in fact I called him my son, I tried to send him an email but it was sent back to us something was wrong with the address.

Nur introduced us to our guide, Milton, he also is an amazing person and its because of him that we made it to the top of the mountain.

They need a medal or an award for outstanding service.

I look forward to returning to Springlands hotel as I would like to climb Kilimanjaro one more time.

I have been telling everyone in Australia about my time in Moshi and our climb and Africa.

Thank you Thank you


Jenny and Ashleigh Mc Innes
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We have been on a safari-week starting at 19 February. We got a safari guide with the name of Anthony Alex.

It was a fantastic week and we got to see many animals very close.

Anthony educate us in many things like the life of the animals, circle of life and eco systems. Now we understands a lot more when we are looking on TV programs with wild animals.

The success of the week was must due to Anthony.

Thank you for a fantastic week.

Best Regards

Björn and Anna Lindstedt
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This email to let you know about our feedback on our safari trip:We really enjoyed it and had a great time in Tanzania! ;-)Driver, mr Nelson Maglan was nice, devoted to do it best to drive us to great places, sympathic, teaching us a bit of swahili, etc. He was really cool and we will recommand him to our friends for next safari trips.

We also really appreciated the time you took to answer all our queries when questions rose. Thanks for that ! 🙂

Thanks and kind regards,

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Hallo together,

SPRINGLANDS HOTEL was a surprise for me an wonderful. I was traveling with WIKINGER and ZARA TOURS an was thrilled. Many thanks to everyone for everything. I’m so happy about my trip to Tanzania in Africa. I was on the Kilimjaro and have experienced a wonderful safari – just great. Here are some photos from my trip for you.

For me, a life-long dream came true and I thank all of !!!!!!!!

JAMBO JAMBO KILIMANJAORO. . . Christian Eckert – Our SUPER GUIDE was prepared as WIKINGER for Kilimanjaro and Safari He always knew EVERYTHING and declared like So we flew with him trustingly into the distance With his experience and then POLE POLE All we really came to on Kilimanjaro .This moment is not to describe and will be remembered forever in the memory,Then we toured on through Tanzania Of the Big Five were all there for us! We could hardly believe it – but it was true and so the Serengeti was wonderful for us Christian – I thank you again for EVERYTHING in this way and wish you again and again: GOOD TRIP


Ursula Grobe
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I would like to tell the world what an amazing experience is climbing the Kilimanjaro, we were a group of 5 girls, 3 guides and 19 porters…. A life changing experience. Raymond, Felix and Julius (Lara), have been the best guides ever. So much fun and knowledge. I will climb it over and over again with them. I recommend to anyone Zara tours and especially Raymond, Felix and Julius as guides, they will make sure you make it to the top… BEST TRIP EVER!

Thank you

Marta Rodriguez Sanchez
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Dear Sir or Madam,

At the end of September we had a very wonderful Safari in Tanzania organized by your Organization.

We had some very interesting and funny days made true not only by your staff in High View Hotel

and Icoma Wild Camp, but also by our german speaking guide Goodluck and our driver Robert. They both

made this journey unforgetable with their knowlegde. We very much appreciated the stay in Tanzania and

hope to come back sometime in the future.

Is it maybe possible to hand over the attached picture to Goodluck and Robert with a very big “asante sana”?

Thank you very much

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Four friend and I climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro in December 2013, during christmas. We had Africa Safari who cooperate with Zara Adventures and were well cared for. I especially loved the guides (Edwin and Florian) and porters. Everybody were so friendly and had a smile in there faces despite the hard work. Our guides Edwin and Florian were kind, patient, helpful, strong men. Thanks!

I was grateful for our own toilet tent I realy appreciated that service! The food was good, the chief did a good work! …and the popcorn, that were something to look forward to! And the porters, my good, they walk with our bags and it looks like no problems!

We were very well cared for! For example: One of my friends got sick and our guides took care of him and had him under surveillance. With the help of their little tricks they got Simon on his feet and he was one of those who then reached the top. It was a turnaround that! :). Edwin helped me down from the mountain. An old injury to the knee, ligament, made itself reminded. It made my muscles being lazy during the descent from the mountain. But with sticks and Edwin I manage go down from the mountain. I appreciated Edwin very much with his patience and for our chats down the mountain. Florian was also absolutely wonderful! Care for us, lookin after us and could set the pace for our group, had good sense of humor (which we all appriciate) and had a lot of knowledge about the flora around us. With those two we had luck!

Edwin and Florian was well respected of everyone we met. And we respected them a lot! They have a lot of knowlede about the mountain, the flora, sickness, leadership, people skills, good decision makers, good knowledge of medicine, empathy, humor, caring and interested in other people. Furthermore, many good tricks that will come in trials while on Kilimanjaro. The two of them with the porters are a very good team. Thank you for leeting us having them during or visit at Kilimanjaro!

On Friday morning the 28th, I think it was. Simon and I search for Edwin at our hotell but couldn´t find him. We had some things that we wanted to give him, Florian and our porters some things. We had to give our things to a work colleague. We hope that our things reach Edwin and that something came to benefit!

This is a most gorgeous, unique place in the world. I’m so glad I got to experience it, despite my knee. And it is definitely challenging and definitely worth the effort! Send my best to Edwin and Florian! ….and if they would get the idea to climb Kebnekaise an afternoon;), we will of course help them up! 🙂 Kebnekaise is the highest mountain in Sweden (only 2,099 meters).

I looked after or guides at facebook and website, but I couldn´t find there Pictures :(.

Best regards,

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Dear Zara Team,

we were climbing mount Kilimanjaro with you end of last year (voucher-number 2013/12/255), but we were coming back a day earlier and therefore did not get the chance to stay at Springlands after the climb but we’ve got rebooked to a place in Moshi (Leopard hotel) instead. However, we’ve given the staff at Leopard hotel the feedback-sheet which we’ve received at the end of the climb, but we’re not sure as to whether this sheet has actually found its way into your offices. Therefore and due to the fact that we were absolutely hooked with your services, we wanted to provide additional feedback using this channel.

First and foremost, we’d like to thank for the perfect organization of everything. In fact, each and every step of the whole endeavor was just perfectly planned and we could enjoy every minute knowing that we’re in good hands. That started with the accommodation at Springlands and ended with the fact that we’ve asked for an earlier completion of the descent which subsequently got quickly organized to our full satisfaction. That brings us to the most important person: Freddy, our guide and friend. This guy is simply amazing and truly we can just recommend him and his services to each and everybody who feels like climbing mount Kilimanjaro as Freddy seems to be the key to getting there. Not only did he show professionalism, dedication and expertise but also did he care about us and his team whilst he did not forget to smile and be happy all the time. He seriously made our trip a great enjoyment and congratulate you at Zara for having such a great guy as your employee. However, we also would like to mention the rest of the team which we were also extremely amazed. Everything just worked out perfectly well (e.g. the stuff was always there and dry; the food was extremely delicious and we could not stop eating …) and we felt that the whole team knows what to do and is worth every cent.

So again, thank you very much for making our trip not just a great success but also a great enjoyment and please send our best regards to Freddy and the team. Again, Zara must be extremely proud of having such people working for them.

All the best from Austria,

Tanja and Markus
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Dear Stephen Waithaka – Zara Properties

We have had the best vacation of our lives. So we thank you so much for this splendid experience!

We stayed at Hotel Springlands Moshi, Hotel Highview Karatu, Serengeti Wild camp, and Ngorongoro Wild camp. All those places were top-nice and with a friendly, obliging and helpful personnel. We especially enjoyed Hotel Springlands, where the staff took the time to learn us some Swahili phrases, and the Serengeti Wild camp, where we felt like family J It was so great fun.

The safari – game drive was fantastic. We had Abubakar Atik excellently driving us, and sharing his great knowledge of the country, the animals, the people and nature. We saw so many magnificent views, and got so close to the wild animals, that we will never be the same again. Tanzania got under our skins!

So indeed this was an experience of our life time. The only problem is, that we are now dreaming, all the time, of going back to Tanzania, have to come back as soon as we can! And when we do, we will certainly use Zara Properties again.

Asante sana!

Kindest regards

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The Zara team we had were brilliant and honestly we had not a single complaint as those guys made it memorable for both Selogen and myself. From their comforting words to their guidance throughout the trail and to their motivation on summit night .. They were brilliant !!!

We successfully summited !!!

Stanley , Hamisi and their crew just blew us away.

And if it weren’t for them we would not have had such a fabulous experience on such a majestic mountain

Kind regards,

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I have had the best guide ever, William is smart, caring,confident, experienced and he made my trip so great. I will definitely recommend him to others that are going to Killimanjaro.

My whole crew was great, they all did their best, to make my trip as good as possible. Great food, awesome waiter, and the porters were nice and helpful.

Your services will be recommended at my blog as well:


Gunn Tjessem
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There is no doubt that we have a wonderful and unforgettable trip in Tanzania with ZARA Tours. Thank you very much! Moreover, we will recommend our friends consider ZARA Tours if they want to travel to Tanzania.

Kind Regards,

Yufei chen
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Abdi and Kitenja. I want to tell you how much Davis and I enjoyed the trek and appreciate your help and the help of your team. Your focus on our success summiting was noticeable from the start. Everything you did from carrying our day packs on summit day to helping Davis down when he bonked was immensely helpful. Your advice along the way was right on target. Your experience getting low-landers like us up to the roof of Africa was so obviously. While it was easy for you physically given your training, your understanding of what our bodies and minds were enduring was obvious. You likely can’t understand how much this means to us given that you climb the mountain so often, but you should know that Davis and I will remember and cherish this adventure for the rest of our lives.

Thanks also for the incites into Tanzanian culture. I find it interesting to compare and contrast cultures. There is a lot that we Americans can learn from the Tanzanian way of life.

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Dear Zainab

I write to congratulate you on the successful running of ZARA tours. I was most delighted to see that Zara is owned and operated by a black woman (forgive the cliché), but it is worthy of note, particularly as I now live in the UK for school and this is not a common occurrence. You are dedicated to offering quality service at all levels to clients which is welcome, particularly as we are overtaken by profit-making organizations who only pay lip-service to client satisfaction in many cases.

I was most impressed by the attention to details, even the wearing of gloves by the persons at the buffet, the level of hygiene at the hotel, the pristine grounds and attentiveness of staff rivals any luxury hotel in any “developed” country, and even surpass some, it was a small place with a big heart, that’s the feeling I got. Thank you.

My main purpose for writing however is to express my awe and total respect for the guides and porters. Kitenja and Thomas, my angels on the mountain, without whom I would not have made it. “Uncle” Bruce or Brucie as he was affectionately called, was a competent and effective leader. Living, Saba, Ambrose, Peter and Jerry, and the others whose names I forgot, or I did not meet, Spice, who carried my bag.

The effort that they made to make sure all went smoothly was beyond expectations. We were well fed, on time in what is considered luxury, that could be expected in extreme camping. This they did without complaints, always smiling; without proper gears for protection of their own person.

There was a genuine desire to please, and most of all to ensure we all made it. They went beyond the call of duty, I recall Thomas wiping my nose and mouth after throwing up from mountain sickness, when I had no strength or desire to do those simple things J.

Everyone in the group were impressed and appreciative, to the point of even feeling a little guilty when they came to assist in packing sleeping bags or taking extra packs when we could not manage. There were no complaints from the group, just amazement at the amount of work and their strength and capacity to provide such service in such conditions.

Please convey our highest respect and appreciation. I am now back and proudly say to family and friends I climbed Kilimanjaro, knowing very well that I could not have done it without my angels. They are awesome people. My love, appreciation and utter respect I give and humbly submit that I will always carry them in my heart.

I hope to be back in short order to do some work at the orphanage and to see them again. I would love to stay at Springlands once more so I will keep in touch and do my booking directly.

I wish you all the blessings for continued success in your business as you enrich the lives of others and create amazing experiences for people to discover Africa and themselves in the process.

As we say in Jamaica, One Love.


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We enjoyed the trip a lot, and I will certainly recommend Zara to anyone wanting to visit Tanzania.


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Be “in the wild” and in many ways feel secure, then go to Serengeti Wildcamp in Serengeti National Park. Nice place to stay, superb room for me and my 2 children (18 year girl and 15 year old boy). Employees perfect! I’m looking back with nice feelings and both of my children would like to come back “in the wild” and listening to the animals when the night comes “towards” you 🙂 Thanks for this experience Guys!!

Jacomo13Roskilde, Denmark
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We had a great stay at Serengeti Wild camp. We laid in our beds at night listening to lions and hyenas. Zebras and gnus passing our tent… This was awsome!!! The people who worked there were amazing. They made our stay super.

Kristin AFetsund, Norway
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Our three nights at Serengeti Wildcamp was above all expectations! I was stunned by the food, the tents and the fact that you sleep in the middle of the savannah! During the night we heard buffalows and zebras grassing just next to our tent. And every night af 7 PM a hyena showed up. It was a bit scary at first, but the staff told us, that for them the hyena was just like a dog walking around among the tents.

The safari trip was one of the most exciting things i have ever experienced! And I can only recommend this camp. Delicious breakfast and dinner!

Sophie BHjoerring, Denmark
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Ms. Ansell,

My nephew, Bradley Ranson and I were recently on one of your hikes to Kili (Marangu route)

July 14- July 19 2014

I wanted to be sure to let you know how wonderful your two guides were – lead guide, Ema (Emmanuel) and assistant guide, Salim

I personally don’t think I would have accomplished the hike without the help of Ema – the encouragement he gave me especially during the climb to the summit was outstanding

My nephew feels the same about Salim – a great pair guides

Lastly, the porters were great. I do want to make mention of Bob our waiter – he went above and beyond always with a great smile on his face (even when it was really cold outside).

I look forward to knowing that Bob will rise the ranks and hopefully become a guide someday – he has the personality and the charm.


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