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It was a pleasure to meet and talk to you yesterday in your hotel.

Summarizing our conversation as you requested in writing I (and my 2 friends traveling with me) believe that everything worked perfectly well. From the first day to the last second when you drives us to the airport. Hotel excellent, service and facilities and special remark to include In the pack to use the hotel facilities plus room the last days before going to the airport. Good relief to take a shower after seven days in the mountain.

Being more specific on the journey to Kilimanjaro, let me say that we were amazingly surprised for all the logistics you have put in place moving stuff up and up and up and up and up and finally down, preparing the tents, food and other facilities in every single camp in a very precise and organized way.

Regarding all the team that travelled with us …all were 5 stars, from the guide Fernando to the last porter without forgetting the cooker and waiter.

But we would like to make an special remark to our guide and leader of the entire team. FERNANDO was great, supportive, always explaining all the things with the required details, being patient with us and the most important thing guiding us to the summit that was our goal.

You are lucky having someone representing Zara tours like he is doing.

Once again thanks and congratulations and do not have any doubt that I will pass my comment to Tuareg that was the company we used in Spain and to our friends in case they want to repeat our experience.

Ignasi Ricou
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Dear Zara team,

We went on a trek to Kilimanjaro with Steven and Frederik and came back yesterday.

Would like to write and say thank you very much and that it has been one of the best vacation experiences We have ever had. despite the hardship of the route for first timers like us, I don’t think we would have made it up without the help of Steven and Frederik, who where some of the best guides we have ever come across and who always had our safety and spirits in mind.

We are writing this as we think we misunderstood the rating sheet after having talked to other people on the trek. We would in that regards like to mark the entire group effort as excellent and would definitely recommend Steven and Frederik to our friends who seemed super keen to do the venture themselves when they heard we where going.

Once against thanks for an amazing trip and apologies for any miscommunication in the ratings.

Please let us know if we can clarify upon anything

Best regards

Katrin and Miro

It is time to say Thank You!
The 21 of July 2014 we reached Uhuru Peak at 06.30 AM just in time for sunrise. I, Filip, Hakan and Leo would just like to send a big thank you to head guide Michael and his brilliant team. Michael, Justin and the rest of the team gave us such an awesome, once in a lifetime adventure with memories to cherish for the rest of our lives. Thank You!
We are so impressed by, with such an ease, Michael guided his team, all the logistics with heavy equipment, excellent service and food, and ‘pole, pole’ walking pace adjusted to fit our group perfect. Even though we had to experience a sad death among another group, we always felt safe and in the best of hands of Michael and his team, never compromising with our safety.
A big thank you also to Zara Tanzania Adventures. You must be so proud of your company and the people working for you. You are running an excellent operation!

Helene, Filip, Hakan and Leo
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Dear Zainab,

I’m writing you to thank you for the wonderful experience we had climbing Kilimanjaro with Zara Tours in July this year.

We are very pleased with how everything was organised from your side (thank you for getting us to Uhuru peak!). We had a very good experience with our guide Salim who took us up to the top with great skills and motivation. Also, we much appreciate the flexibility that was shown from Salim’s side in adjusting our schedule to our loss of baggage at the airport. For your record, we will without hesitation recommend Zara tours as well as Salim to any of our friends planning a Kilimanjaro hike.

Once again, many thanks for an unforgettable experience!

Best regards

Eric Carlson
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Dear Zara-Team

In August of this year we had a very beautiful safari trip in Tanzania with your company. Our driver and guide was Goodluck.

We would like to thank again this amazing guy who was always very friendly, kind and attentive. With his great knowledge about the African nature and culture he always had an answer to our questions.

He always was very well organized and informed us about the daily route. Thanks to him, we were able to see “The big 5”.

Also we were very pleased with the accommodation and service in the Highview Hotel and Serengeti Wild Camp.

Our trip was an unforgettable experience and we will be back to Africa for sure, hopefully with your company and our good friend “Goodluck”. Please send our warmest greetings to him.

Kind regards

Manuela Borner
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Dear Zainab

I like very much to express my gratitude for the very good treatment from your company.

To be 64 year and not in the best shape it would not be possible for me to achieve this with out a person as Gilbert and his team.

Big thanks to him and his team.

I ask you to give him the letter in attachment.

Beste hilsener / Best regards

Jan O Hjetland
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I have just returned from the most amazing holiday.

We arrived at Kiliminjaro on Sat. l8th October and were introduced to HAMZA our Guide for the week.

HAMZA – was just wonderful so informative.

I travelled with my son, his partner and 7 year old grandson and my daughter. (Cathy Wills booked the trip) HAMZA was the perfect person to introduce the wonders of a Safari to us all. Just everything was perfect – animals of course, accommodation – congratulations to you all.

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Dear all,

I made a Safari in October 2014 with ZARA Tours and spent a wonderful time in Tanzania. Our German speaking guide, his name was SALIM, was very qualified and competent and really a nice guy. Thank you very much for this wonderful experience.

Best regards,

Herta Gerdes
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Dear Sirs

My family and I have just recently finished a 7-day safari with your agency. We were accompanied the entire time by your staff member, Mr. Baraka Sospeter. And Mr. Kessy was our driver.

From the moment of our arrival to the time of our departure both of these men were constantly concerned for our comfort and well-being as well as committed to fulfilling all our wishes. Using his exceptional command of the German language and his extensive knowledge, Mr. Sospeter presented us much information about the land and its people. He was always courteous, polite and punctual, was always in a cheerful mood, and above all was always professional and thorough concerning our safety.

Mr. Kessy with his perfect knowledge of the area, was an ideal match and complement. At no time did we ever have the feeling he was not in total control of the situation or that he had put us in danger.

Lastly, although the Christmas celebrations fell in this period, both men never seemed tired or distracted.

I would like to sincerely thank you for an unforgettable week and ask you to please pass along this gratitude and thank-you to our two guides, Mr. Sospeter and Mr. Kessy

Harry Forst
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I recently climbed Mount Kilimanjaro with Zara Tours, and I wanted to thank the team for their great work. Frankie was the best guide I could have hoped for, and I had a wonderful experience because of his expertise and incredibly hard work. I wouldn’t have reached the summit if not for Frankie! The rest of the team on our climb was also very attentive and made sure that I had everything that I needed, and I appreciated everything that they did for me. I look forward to returning to Tanzania and Mount Kilimanjaro soon with Zara.

Thank You!

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George: We were never given any evaluation forms to give feedback on our trek and safari guides. Please make sure this email evaluation gets to the right people, so that Filbert, Muhsin and Samuel get the credit they deserve.

Our 6-day trek at the end of December was everything we could have hoped for. Chief Guide Filbert and Assistant Guide Muhsin took care of our every need. Not only did they set the perfect pace for each part of the trek, they were also very knowledgeable about the plants we saw along the way, and were understanding and encouraging when we got tired. We would give them both an A++ grade. The porters, cook and waiter were also fantastic.

Our 5-day safari was similarly well-done. Our guide/driver Samuel was extremely knowledgeable about the animals and landscapes we encountered, and often did additional research in his books to answer our more detailed questions. He is a very safe driver, and an easy person to spend many hours with in a car. He gets an A++ grade as well.

We would highly recommend each of these three guides to any future guests. They are wonderful individuals, with excellent leadership and language skills.

Many thanks, also, for your part in arranging this most amazing birthday celebration (21st birthday for Sierra and 60th birthday for Bob) in Tanzania. It was truly a “bucket list” trip.

Michele and Bob
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Hello Yosia,

I had a wonderful time at Kilimanjaro last week and it was mainly thanks to the Zara crew that accompanied me.

I didnt get a chance to give some feedback or reccomendations or anything … Is there a way you could help me with that? Or any other way to show my gratitud besides the tip?

They were as amazing as the mountain!

Thank you!

Sarah Mac
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Hi Zara tours staff,

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for your wonderful service and high quality experience you provided my husband and I on our honeymoon in late December.

Our luggage arrived 2 days late. When we first realized our luggage was not going to make it in time for the start of our Kilimanjaro hike, we thought we would have to miss the hike altogether. We were pleasantly surprised to learn that we could postpone our hike by one day (since Zara offers daily departures) and that our guide was willing to accommodate the new schedule. When our luggage still didn’t arrive the following day, our guide (David) helped us by taking us to the rental office and assisting us with picking out all of our necessary equipment.

We left for our hike on the 22nd, and in the meantime, the wonderful staff at Springlands Hotel was able to track down our luggage and have it waiting for us on arrival back to the hotel following our Kili hike. They even offered to send a porter up with our luggage to meet us halfway up the mountain (we decided against this since we had already rented everything we needed). We were incredibly pleased with this customer service, and also how friendly all of the hotel staff was.

Our guide for the safari (Mr. Mulo) was also wonderful – he had a great sense of humor and seemed to genuinely enjoy his job and showing us beautiful Tanzania.

We’d be happy to show this review, or a similar review, on Trip Advisor or whichever site you prefer, to let others know of our wonderful experience with Zara. We will certainly recommend your company to all those we know who are planning a vacation in Tanzania. (I also work in the international travel industry, so I will certainly be able to share this with many clients!)

Thank you for helping to make our honeymoon such a fantastic trip of a life-time! 🙂

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Hi George

I just wanted to pass this on to you….good work Hassan and Zara Tours!

Hello John, well I have had the time of my life and the safari has fulfilled every expectation. Thank you for arranging it for me. My driver/guide Hassan was excellent, a good driver and a fount of knowledge, I highly recommend him. The walk to the waterfall was quite tough as I had to do a bit of climbing and ford the river four times. But Imade it and had a brilliant Maasai guide called Equil. The morning walk to Lake Natron was a pleasant two and a half hour ramble. Hunting with the Hadzabe tribe was just amazing and most unexpected, I wasn’t sure what the visit would be about. The balloon trip was great and I would suggest it to everyone. At the moment the main migration is in South Serengenti so we didn’t see the vast herds and numerous predators but we did see lots of mixed herds and amazinglandscapes.

The lodge at Lake Natron was wonderfully quirky and a great location with excellent service and food. Ikoma tented camp was just like Out of Africa with hyenas banging against the side of the tent. Again brilliant service and food. Roika wild camp was fabulous, great accommodation, service and food and the sounds of elephants rumbling and lions roaring. What a place.

A really memorable holiday , probably my last great adventure. Thank you again John. Kind regards, Margaret Sent from my iPad

Many Thanks

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I’m hoping to see Macon tomorrow in Calgary!

We were very impressed with the planning, the route and acclimatization seemed better than other groups, and everything went as described.

All the equipment was good quality and in good condition.

Everyone at Zara was friendly and fun.

We never lost any weight because the food on the mountain was fabulous.

As Canadians the total price for us was a bit high, paying 1.4 to 1.5 times U.S.$

We were not happy with the mosquito nets at Springlands, they did not hang well.

Overall we were very satisfied and would recommend Zara Tours.

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We loved the Tanzania trip… hats off to your team and we super love all our porters and guides too…. Babu/mango/richard and our waiter goliza(?) …

Will leave feedbacks soon in tripadvisor or your social media…

we’ve gotten to your group through out mountaineering group who have been using zara since 2006 so there’s no problem with spreading the word about you!

Thanks for making our trip memorable

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We had an exciting visit to Tanzania. this was my second time with Zara. 10 yrs ago I also did a safari and climbed Kilimanjaro. Was successful this time also. One on my group needed to be removed from mountain second day and you guides were excellent and making all arrangements. We were all very happy with the set up and will recommend ZARA to our friends

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I had a great experience with Zara Tours while I was in Tanzania. The staff at the Springlands Hotel took very good care of me and the overall experience of completing the 6-day Machame Route climb was one I’ll never forget.

There were a few concerns I had during this trip though.

(Pre-hike) I did not like having to pay $4 USD for a plastic bag to carry my sleeping bag/gear. I think it would be a reasonable expectation that if a sleeping bag is being rented, then it should come with a waterproofed bag to be carried in. If I’d known a bag like this was needed, I would’ve packed a couple of strong plastic bags for the trip. I don’t feel this was well communicated in the pre-departure checklist.

(Meals 1) It felt that there was far too much food prepared for each meal. From the start of the hike, I would leave a full third of each meal untouched. This was especially true of the pastas and potatoes. Even the lunches were too much to be finished.

(Meals 2) I did not like the breakfast porridge at all. This is totally a matter of personal taste, but it just didn’t agree with me and I don’t think I had more than a single bowl of it during the trip. The crew kept making more every day, even though I was leaving it untouched. There was often enough toast or other food, so filling up wasn’t an issue.

(Post-hike) The tipping process was very awkward. I was expecting to be part of a group and did not know I would be the only hiker in my “group”. I wasn’t prepared for being solely responsible for tipping the entire team. Perhaps Zara can provide more details on the make-up of each group, maybe a week prior, so the hiker has a better understanding of how much cash they need to have on their person.

The hike itself was amazing and my guide, Wilibard was fantastic. He took very good care of me and expressed a great deal of concern for my health and safety. Wilibard has great knowledge of the mountain and the region. He was able to answer all of my questions and provided excellent advice throughout my trip. Overall, I would definitely recommend Zara Tours to anyone who is interested in hiking Kilimanjaro.

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Thanks for following up. My trip was phenomenal. Tanzania is an an amazing place and Kiliminjaro was a spectacular trip. Zara tours has a great staff at the Springlands hotel and assisted me in any personal excursion, outside of Kiliminjaro, that I made. Loved the team that i was paired up with in Amani, and Wilfred. The guides always gave us info about the different areas in the hike and assisted in getting us to the top. Couldn’t of asked for a better group to go with. The camps were set up nice and the daily agendas were all doable.

Thank you for everything and helping me have one of the best experiences of my life.

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Hello Adam,

Just arrived back in the UK following our trip to Tanzania. Our Kilimanjaro experience was perfect, we both thoroughly enjoyed the entire thing. Our guides Kabila and Raymond were both excellent and we couldn’t have wished for better guides. The food cooked by Armani, our chef, was incredible- I’m amazed at how he can cook such delicious meals on a mountain! And all our porters were so lovely and hard working. The staff in the hotel were also so welcoming and friendly, special regards to Juma who taught us some swahili before we headed up the mountain.

Thanks so much for such an incredible trip! Will definitely recommend Zara to friends.

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Jambo ………….our family all arrived back safely from Tanzania on Thursday completing an amazing and emotional experience.

Between KLM, African Safari and yourselves, thanks for looking after our delayed contingent – but they arrived in time for the trek.

Everyone we met from Zara Tours was a credit to your organisation and to your country and we are now on the e-mailing list for several guides, “Senior” Porters, one Chef and his assistant! The quality and variation of the meal products that Evance produced from his tent left us dumfounded. I suspect we were gives special treatment travelling as a family group and my wife and myself soon became known as Mama and Papa !

For the Kilimanjaro trek, very, very special thanks to Jaffari Kimolo and his core team Joshua, the Kabila brothers, Evance, Juma and Muzee (you brought tears to my eyes) ………….and thanks to all the other unmentioned heroes too.

For the Safari – thanks to Hansa (apologies if this is spelt incorrectly). Knowledgeable, trustworthy, a safe pair of hands at the wheel who didn’t take risks or flout any rules. I wasn’t worried one.

So asante san Zara Tours and all of your team for giving us this life changing opportunity.

Kwaheri (for now)

From the heart,

Papa Geoff

Papa Geoff
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Everything went better than expected.  Our guide, Living, assistant guide, Frankie, and all the porters were great!

The transportation and hotel were wonderful as well.  The staff at the hotel was really friendly, helpful, and patient.

It was really one of the best experiences of our lives.  Thank you!

user testi

We thoroughly enjoyed our trip. 

We believe the guides, cooks and porters were committed to our comfort and, more importantly, our safety.  We were with the Mndeme team.  Super group.

For More Testimonials Visit On :https://zaratours.com/testimonials/
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